While ITINITI is mainly service orientated, we have some packge solutions as well as some higly addoptable framework solutions. They can be used as they are, or they can be completely tailored to specific needs of your company.

ConstructIT - Construction Management Solution

ConstructIT from ITINITI is a project management and construction estimating software for for professionals, builders, general contractors, construction management firms, and real estate developers. Designed for all sizes of general and subcontractors, ConstructIT generates bids, cost estimates and reports, quickly and accurately so you can win the work and build your customer base.

It includes: 

- Full Project cycle coverage
- Job Costing and Tracking
- Centralized Cost Table per project
- Construction Unit & Composite Assemblies
- Full Reporting Capabilities: Summary by Division & Subdivision / Category Breakdown
- Subcontractor & Vendor Quote Comparison
- Calendar Management
- Internal Backup & Restore of whole project Data
- Secuirty Features
- Full web support

Download ConstructIT Brochure


eOrders - B2B/B2C web ordering/web shop solution 

eOrders from ITINITI is very flexible and completely customable B2B and B2C internet ordering solution.
The whole solution can connect to any system by simply changing connector module.
Layout and the whole design is simply changeable just by changing HTML template and CSS file, alowing for quick visual customization of the layout.
Connection to existing ERP system is done via connectors, making solution extremly flexible and easy to connect stock items, prices, customers, users, orders etc... to any system.
For authorisation, you can choose from simple username/password option, IP lists, RSA authentification and any combination of them.
Technical details :
- AIX, Solaris, Linux and windows
- IIS, Apache or any cgi web server
- Magic 9.4
- Oracle, MS SQL, mySQL or any other SQL database for internal and connector data
- completely independant on connecting system (any legacy ERP system, being written Cobol or being SAP will work with eOrders)
- scalabe, can be used in extremly hig traffic sites as requests can be served by virtualy unlimited number of servers

Please contact us to get a full product specification with all the existing options already built in. 


WMS - Warehouse Management System 

The real-time, WiFi wireless WMS application can simplify the management of your warehouse by linking receiving, labeling, work order materials tracking, sales order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping under one application for real-time visibility into your entire warehouse operation. With the WiFi barcode-based WMS application, you can:

- Receive, count and label per requirements
- Store items in optimal designated locations
- Pick material/finished goods with efficient routes
- Stage items and label per customer specifications
- Ship per unique customer specifications

Some of the ITINITI WMS functionalities :
- pallet volumazing
- automatic replenishment prioritization (depending on current and future sales orders)
- quality controll
- multiple warehouses (transfers betwen them)

Please contact us for more details.